Česká finanční poradenská a.s.
Vodařská 232/2
619 00 Brno - Horní Heršpice
IČ: 45274070

Established 1992

Personal property management

Česká finanční poradenská a.s. provides active asset management from ensuring client's initial investments to managing of the entire portfolio of client's assets.

In terms of initial investments we recommend and arrange the purchase of the assets from the entire spectrum of available assets (real estate, securities, financial investment, capital investment …). On client's requests we focuse to achieve the best possible objectives of investment: safety, profitability and liquidity.


For clients who have assets that is completely unwanted or unable to manage (inheritance, shares in property after divorce proceedings etc.) we can provide the full managing of property and offer its optimization in terms of structure.


We do not offer:

  • We do not offer a safe investment because we know that the school-economical precept about safe investments in government bonds do not pay and other safe investments do not exist even in theory. There is always the risk.
  • We do not offer an investment in extremely risky financial derivatives such as leverage trades because we know that the risk will be significantly higher than the realistically achievable profit. Before the investor decides to invest with a lever he should rather visit the casino – he will loose money anyway and gaming is at least entertaining.
  • We do not offer an investment in property at prices based on expert's opinion. We know that the price of real estate depends primarily on realistically achievable rent and the price of money.
  • We do not offer an investment in single product because we know that the investment must be devided. There doesn't exist any sole interesting long-term investment area.
  • We do not offer a pension or other funds, because we know that the responsible person can ensure his own old age and should not rely on the state (or any funds that invest in government bonds). We are no dealers of any bank or some financial institutions.
  • We do not offer anything else what we would not believe in ourselves.


We offer personal and utmost care for your assets and your future. Nothing more - nothing less.