Česká finanční poradenská a.s.
Vodařská 232/2
619 00 Brno - Horní Heršpice
IČ: 45274070

Established 1992

Crisis management of the company

Our company specializes in crisis management. It represents the securing of the managment in companies, which got to unexpected problems. We help these companies to take radical steps leading to rescue and subsequent recovery of the company.


In company crisis management we focus on all substantial elements in company operation – sales and marketing, quality management, cost management, cash flow management, solving problems connected with payables and receivables, solutions to finance the necessary investments, management system solutions, personnel issues, utilization or resale of unused property, restructuring of the company, creation of subsidiaries and joint ventures...


After some time the result of our work should be a new situation within a company – the company management has now clearly divided and defined tasks and is able to deal with them in a clear view – long-term prosperity and profitability.
We offer a such form of cooperation when our evaluation depends only on real income (or increase revenue) of client's company.


In the case of interest in cooperation our company recommends to its partners in the first stage of processing to enter a brief analysis of the current situation of their company, which includes the selected areas that we recommend to solve separately, with the definition of the fundamental targets of development strategy and defining the necessary interventions in the operation and management of the company.


For your information - here are some examples of possible areas of problems to solve:

    •     creation of a company development strategy 
    •     project financing and normal course of business financing
    •     restructuring of the company
    •     ensuring of sales and marketing
    •     using of advertising services and advertising agencies
    •     cost management
    •     quality management
    •     effective use of its own resources and property
    •     Human Resources
    •     operations on capital market
    •     technological problems and recommendations, research and development


Subsequently, the client decides whether he requires the elaboration of the complete development strategy or he will be interested in solving of some proposed areas. According to the decision of the client we will prepare a detailed job specification, including the determination of terms and prices for the analysis.


Our initial analysis will also include an offer of form, manner and appreciation of our cooperation in the company management and putting our recommendations into practice. This cooperation, in the most efficient form, we consider as the most important part of our offer, because even the best study which should improve development of the company will not work if its principles will not be harshly enforced in practice. And right this practical crisis management business is what can Czech financial consulting offer to its clients.